Young Dolph Revs Up The Engine On “Crashin’ Out”


Young Dolph has been teasing his return to the game all week, asking his fans to comment on his social posts if they wanted his new song. Once he realized that the people were into the teaser he posted, Dolph decided to treat us all to his latest musical effort, dropping “Crashin’ Out” with an accompanying music video.

Dolph knows he has major pull in his city and throughout the South, running Memphis next to a couple of other influential forces. Showing off his affinity for custom camouflaged whips, Dolph hopped in his car, revved up the engine and released “Crashin’ Out.” His flows are methodical, carefully calculating what he’s going to say next. His critique of the rap game is authentic and when he realizes that half of his peers are still rocking fake jewelry, he rightfully takes a moment to reflect on just how wack that is. Watch Young Dolph’s new video below and stay tuned for more new music from the Memphis rapper.

Quotable Lyrics:

He really bought that double R truck, it’s not a lease
Momma called me crying, said she proud of me
Remember a couple of my own n***as doubted me
Found my first plug, was like I hit the lottery
When I get shot, was the first time I ain’t have my Glock with me

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