Troy Ave Shops For The Finer Things In Life In “More Money More Problems” Visual


50 Cent makes an appearance in the music video.

It’s all about fancy furs, expensive jewelry, bands of cash, and luxury vehicles in Troy Ave’s “More Money More Problems” visual. The is the title track from his November 2018 release of the same name and another music video in a string of visuals he’s put out since the album dropped. The video follows Dope Boy Troy as he tries on furs, crocs, coats, and jewelry while rapping about his bank account and fancy homes. There’s even a quick cameo in there of 50 Cent who’s wrapping up stacks of cash as Troy shops around Konstantine Furs in New York.

Troy previously sat down with XXL and talked about his 10-track More Money More Problems project and how he came up with the concept of the album. “I always got the money,” he said. “And you know that comes with jealousy: a sense of entitlement and envy. It just comes with problems, but at this point in my life, it’s the most money I’ve had and the most problems ever. Hopefully, there’s nothing on my plate that I can’t eat up. I wake up every day and pray God don’t put anything in front of me that I feel like I can’t handle. I don’t pray for wealth and all of that other stuff. I just pray that he don’t put anything in front of me that I can’t handle. So if these are the issues that come with success, then I’ll take them.”

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