The Vince Staples Show Kicks Off With New Track “So What”


Vince Staples is in a comfortable spot in his career. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. After the release of his first two major label albums, Summertime 06 and Big Fish Theory, he’s taken a different approach to releasing music. The rapper gave very little notice for his album FM! which arrived last year. Now, there hasn’t been any announcement for a new project but he’s still taking a unique approach to release music. 

After announcing The Vince Staples Show earlier this week, he’s presented the debut episode along with his new single, “So What.” The rapper’s new show centers around a pivotal moment — likely one stemming from Vince’s real-life experiences. It opens up with Vince reading the National Inquirer before receiving a call about playing at one of Obama daughters’ birthday parties. He’s later at the barbershop where things get a bit tense when he runs into rival gang members. Thankfully, his karate skills come into play.

Peep the whole episode and the new single below.

Quotable Lyrics
He playin’ Santa Ana then we airin’ out a sprinter
This clip is bananas like Gwen Stefani ride Asanti still
I’m off of Poppy still, they wanna pop me still
The media be on my dick, they want to cop a feel

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