Sonny Digital Delves Into Disco Regalia On “Higher”


If you ever thought Sonny Digital would try his hand at boogie or disco, count yourself in the minority. With his latest SoundCloud “Higher” making the rounds for 4 days now, Sonny is now free to linger as a mononymous figure, since he doesn’t owe it to anyone, to uphold anything in particular. It’s almost inconceivable to watch Sonny Digital go this route, on a stylistic level. “Higher” isn’t in essence, deeply rooted in experimentalism or a fondness for the 80s, but rather a scenario in which Sonny fiddles on the decks under the spiritual guidance of a cocaine cowboy.

“Higher” is a far cry from Sonny’s last venture: “Work” a song in which he bravely samples Clairo’s “Pretty Girl” to yield a positive result. Impelled to sing aloud for the first time in looooong time, Sonny has proven himself to be an avid self-learner – one who never rests on laurel for longer than a moment at a time. If boogie re-tread isn’t jam, Sonny will surely take notice, and re-invent himself again, as he’s done countless times. If anything, “Higher” proves that space travel still has a strong supporter’s shield to draw from. Hit us in the comments with your thoughts on the record.

Quotable Lyrics:

Let’s go take a trip to the moon.

– Sonny Digital

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