Rich Brian Doubles Up With “Kids” Music Video


Rich Brian shares the clip for his new track.

This week, Rich Brian shared his latest “Kids” track, an ode to the rapper’s growth in recent years and a testament to his quest to craft timeless tracks. In the clip, director Sing J. Lee visualizes the support that Brian raps of his native Jakarta, Indonesia and kicks off a strong road toward his The Sailor solo outing.

February of last year marked his Amen full-length album before 88rirsing’s com[pilation Head InT he Clouds outing arrived in July. Since them, Brian has been announced as a headliner alongside labelmate Joji for the Head In TheClouds Festival.

So far, the new path that Rich Brian issued with his name change last year is shaping up to give the young emcee the legacy he’s hoping to create. For now, get into the “Kids” music video up top.



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