NoCap Finds His Pocket In His HNHH Freestyle Session


In a freestyle, rappers tend to fall into braggadocio, as it has been such a central part of the art-form. However, if a beat is thrown at you with soulful piano chords and echoing chipmunked vocals, its tempting to take the reflective route. In this week’s HNHH Freestyle Session, NoCap realizes he doesn’t have to choose one or the other. He seamlessly and melodically alternates between discussion of his suffering and success, proving that the most gripping stories strike a balance between a range of experience. This blending can be seen in him following a flex with a devastating line: “King like T.I, They been calling me Rashad / Two iPhones, but my granny still ain’t call”. NoCap starts off spitting splintered words, like he’s piecing together a poetic collage, and then he transitions to full-formed thoughts. It’s a pretty impressive and rare thing when a two-minute freestyle can exhibit such a variety of technique and skill, while also providing a catchy hook.

NoCap dropped his project, The Backend Child, in May, which features his hit song, “Ghetto Angels”. 

Watch him float in his freestyle below. 

Quotable Lyrics

Losses, crosses, coupe speed, horses
No settling, choices, don’t trust me, it’s poison

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