Lava La Rue Drops The Emotionally Raw Track “MOSCHINO IN 83”


Talent continues to outpour from across the pond. UK-rapper and vocalist Lava La Rue dropped an emotionally raw and unfiltered track entitled “MOSCHINO IN 83” and tapped her affiliate Virgil Hawkins for support in conveying her message. The song is driven by a relaxing melody and subtle bass which favorably meshes with Lava’s gentle vocals. Shortly after the catchy hook kicks in, the rapper begins dropping a set of hard bars. And in alternating between singing and rapping, the artist distinguishes herself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Moreover, Virgil Hawkins later comes in to offer his well-selected bars while also adding to the track’s chill vibe. 

This musical effort by Lava La Rue evidently sets her on the radar for an artist to be on the lookout for. The artist’s style is a breath of fresh air in meshing both Hip Hop and R&B in a succinct way. We can only hope to hear more from her in the future. 

Quotable Lyrics

Cause I can starve
And I won’t eat
Cause I found that the ones I loved
Were the ones that cut me deep



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