Hodgy Returns With Undeviating Focus On “No Brainer”


Formerly a key member of Odd Future, Hodgy is re-inventing himself a solo artist. Much of Hodgy’s critical output in the 2010s was produced in tandem with Left Brain, including but not limited to a short-lived resurrection under the MellowHype banner in 2017. And thus, in the spirit of amity and individualism, Hodgy’s new single pays tribute to his longtime partner both in title and execution. “No Brainer” figures as the lead single for Hodgy’s yet-to-be-named project, due in the near future. 

On “No Brainer” produced by Zepfire, best known for G-Eazy’s “One Of Them” featuring Big Sean, puts Hodgy back on the course, set during MellowHype’s highly fruitful, incubation period. But rest assured, “No Brainer” is the work of a practitioner who never once, let their instincts wither away. Hodgy describes his approach as such: “a diverse lyrical flow” infused with “smooth Alt-R&B melodies.” In some respects, I think the Hodgy camp might be selling themselves short. “No Brainer” is wavy listen, give it your own perusal, and hit us with your thoughts in the comment section below the write-up.

Quotable Lyrics:

There’s a lot of soft n—as, cotton balls
And my flows wetter than Niagara Falls
Word to my mother when I grab my balls
And I’m a motherfucker when my daughter calls.

– Hodgy

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