Daniel Caesar Reveals His Inner Thoughts On “OPEN UP”


Daniel Caesar’s latest project CASE STUDY 01 touched down last week, and it was worth the wait. It’s been two years since Caesar dropped his debut album, and fans were beginning to get impatient. Not one to let his fanbase down, Caesar’s new project mixes sensual R&B with vintage soul and hints of hip-hop. His creativity and energy really stick out on “OPEN UP,” a single that sits halfway through the project. 

The instrumental for “OPEN UP” is made up of Caesar singing a catchy “bum bum bum” over a smooth baseline. The stop and go flow of the beat gives it a truly sensual feel. Caesar opens up about his inner thoughts in an attempt to create a safe space for his lover to feel comfortable with doing the same.

Quotable Lyrics
The piano that I fuck you on
Same one that on which I write these songs for you
They’re one in the same
That goes for us, too, I’d give you my name
The bed on which I lay to sleep
And lay with you and lay in deep

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