Bad Bunny Celebrates Father’s Day With “Flor” Single & Video


Bad Bunny is one of the biggest names in Latin rap. The star has crossed over to the States through his collaborations with Drake, Cardi B and others. He might have just released a new project but the 25-year-old is not done impacting the airwaves, having just recently released a video to go along with his single “Callaíta” – which speaks on female empowerment – the Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton singer dropped yet another video to accompany his latest single “Flor,” which honors fathers on Father day.

Bunny teamed up with Puerto Rico-based Los Rivera Destino to drop the perfectly-timed and laid-back single, “Flor,” just in time for celebrating fathers and father figures alike. The track also marks his first feature sans stage name – opting instead for his given name: Benito Martinez. Heavily inspired by bolero-style quartets of the past, the song aims to challenge society’s ideas of fatherhood and its expectations of men. The visuals are bright, and tinged with a retro vibe, highlighting and showing appreciation for various kinds of father figures in a touching way.

We see a softer side of Martinez in his cameo, as he mellows down his vocals (and his look) for a modest tribute to fathers. He surprises the members of Los Rivera Destino as he suddenly, and impressively, belts out an impassioned high note as the song’s climax. The video ends with the 4 (Bunny and the 3 members of the Puerto-Rican based group) standing demurely side by side and looking out the camera.

Quotable Lyrics:

Pasó el tiempo y crecí (Aww)
Pero aún sigo aprendiendo de ti
No existen tutoriales en YouTube
Donde enseñen a ser más como tú (Buena gente, buena gente) 

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