03 Greedo & DJ Mustard Recreate “10 Purple Summers” in One Take


I ain’t one to use the term slapper lightly, but Still Summer in the Projects carries the weight of the word 11 songs-deep. Still Summer is latest project slated for a timed released while 03 Greedo disputes his 20-year sentence on good behavior. “10 Purple Summers” starts the proceedings on an emphatic note, with DJ Mustard co-opting the synth pack made “famous” by the HBK collective on a lesser scale.

“10 Purple Summers” is replete with flashcards linking him to the Grape Street outfit for which he remains loyal. Just as Still Summer in the Projets was going to press, Noisey published a video with Greedo and the Watts riots as their subject. The Grape Street representer doesn’t have to retell his story a thousand or show his pearly gold fronts.

Every last one of his songs imbues meaning. If he stopped to recount the complete jungle book, we’d be seated for hours on end. Greedo’s life is of trials, tribulations, nomadic treks, and a whole lot of character-building. Those who remain stuck on the 2pac comments are no better than Ebro in their short-sightedness. There’s plenty of other time-released material planned in the itinerary so it keep it locked for however long this grandstand is meant to last. Free Greedo!

Quotable Lyrics:

This lil’ hottie in the ghetto that my partner was fucking
Same little thottie that my partner was ducking
Shit was nice, she was bugging
I’m talking knuckin’ and buckin’.

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